MirroChic Mirror Frames

Mirror Chic is a business based in Temecula, CA who specialized in stick-on mirror frames that attach to existing bathroom mirrors. MirrorChic’s affordable custom mirror frames not only upgrade the appearance of a bare mirror, but they can also hide edge damage. Chipped glass or unsightly blackening around the sides of the mirror no longer require the whole mirror to be replaced at great expense. Instead, a frame for the mirror can be used to cover the edges, hiding the signs of damage or aging.


Project Description

Mirror Chic already had a website when they contacted us but it was outdated, poorly coded, and took over 10 seconds to load each page. We rebuilt the website from the ground up, using a fast, modern & responsive theme, helped them gain first page rankings for their target keywords, and helped them out with their product photography to showcase their beautiful frames in a more appealing way.

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